Current Activity

CEO:  SkyWriter Systems – Omni-channel Digital Broadcast / Presence:  Quickly and confidently capture and create your contacts, content, website, email outreach, social media, and leverage integrated analytics.

“After more than a decade of starting, leading, and advising companies, I’ve seen a common need across companies and organization of all types. All of them need an easy and comprehensive method to identify, reach, and connect to their markets. We created Skywriter to provide an easy-to-use, powerful platform to enable companies to identify their target audience, create and curate content, broadcast outreach over email and social media, and easily create customized webpages to promote and grow businesses.” – John E. Derrick

Investor / Advisor:  Aether Bio Machines

Advisor: Hop Zero – Network security company.

Previous Advisor for a number of material science, security, and machine learning companies.  Multiple instances of rapid growth, successful funding, and exits.




Entrepreneur Executive Turn-around Startup