Global technology executive who has

  • led >$100M revenue businesses, >300 staff, driven >300% CAGR
  • sold product into North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa
  • led teams in US, UK, China, Portugal, Poland, India, Belgium, France, India, and others
  • driven a global public company turn-around as COO
  • led three companies to acquisition as full-time CEO
  • led / drove four additional companies to acquisition as interim CEO / advisor

Entrepreneur who has 

  • advised or performed investor due diligence for approximately 100 companies
  • aided several dozen companies as an executive coach / advisor
  • defined and developed software, systems, and semiconductor products

Role / Company

Coop: Texas Instruments

Developer / Scientist: IBM

CEO: Chicory Systems / Parthus (Acquired)

Entrepreneur-in-Residence: Austin Ventures

CEO / CSO: Conformative Systems / Intel Corporation (Acquired)

COO: MIPS Technologies

Interim CEO: Storspeed / NetApp (Acquired)

Advisor: ObsidianSoft / ARM (Acquired)

Advisor: Ubicom / Qualcomm (Team Acquired)

Independent Board Member: Saankhya Labs (Intel Capital investment)

CEO: Jelastic

CEO: Tonomi (Acquired)

CEO: Appery.io

Entrepreneur Executive Turn-around Startup

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